Journey of a Bolga Basket

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The amazing journey of a Bolga Basket

begins with the Gurunsi people of Northern Ghana, the main ethnic group of Bolgatanga. ‘Fara-fara’ is a term used by the people (the Gurunsi) and it means well done. The colonialists who used the term became so familiar with it and began to call the Gurunsi the Frafra people however that isn’t the correct name of the tribe.

they are the Gurunsi tribe

The Gurunsi are primarily farmers. The area’s dry soil paired with erratic rainfall and harsh weather conditions makes farming challenging. Basket weaving began as a means to supplement the income of the Gurunsi over time, the tradition has been passed down among generations and has become a key part of Ghana’s arts culture.

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straw is collected and split

First, the artisans will gather the grass that is eventually woven into the baskets. Each basket takes a large amount of grass to complete, but it’s made using 100% natural and local materials. From there, they split each strand in half, making a more flexible material to work with. Straw is split using teeth or hands.

then it’s rolled for texture

From there, strands are rolled together by hand to give them a wavy texture that’s easier to work with when weaving.

straw is dyed to give vibrant colour

When the straws are separated and rolled, they’re dyed vibrant colors to give each basket a unique colorway and design.

then the weaving begins

Once the straws are completely ready, the artisans can begin weaving. This is the most labor-intensive and tedious aspect of the basket making that requires both patience and skill.

the finishing touches are added

Each bag will have different patterns, sizes, shapes, and functions. At the end of the process, sometimes handles, straps, or other embellishments are added. From start to finish, the process of making a single Bolga Basket can take an entire week.

These pieces are truly a labor of skill made by artisans working after their normal full-time jobs for extra income.

Buying Bolga Baskets helps support the families and their livelihoods

did you know?

a 16″ market basket

has over 25,000 knots

and takes 2 1/2- 4 days to weave

All our baskets are

sourced personally

we handpick each and every basket to ensure they are perfect in every way, an exhausting job however a necessary task to ensure high-quality baskets are delivered to our buyers. Conducting business in a fair way is important to us to ensure a good deal for all. Our weavers work really hard and produce an amazing product. The plant fibre (Veta vera grass) is sustainable and grows rampantly in the harsh conditions.

Bolga Baskets have gained

worldwide popularity

and completely appropriate for the times we live in now, creating a sustainable future for our children and the planet is imperative therefore it makes perfect sense to purchase products that can be reused over and over.

bolga baskets

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