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Tribal Village partners with Painted Dog Conservation Inc.

On Saturday 2nd October 2021 we announced our partnership with Painted Dog Conservation Inc. at a charity event held by PDC Inc. at the Hyatt, Perth, Western Australia.

Dane Haylett-Petty, Angela Lemon, Jazzy Oboh and John Lemon

PDC Inc. Australia is a non-profit organization, established in October 2003 to provide support for projects in Africa that are actively conserving the endangered African wild dog, also known as the painted hunting dog or painted wolf. Originally focused on the painted dog research project in Zimbabwe they now also support projects in Zambia and Namibia.

PDC Inc. have many donors, supporters, patrons and endorsements and have made a huge difference to the conservation of African animals since inception. You can learn more and make a donation by visiting their website

Kevin Richardson (The Lion Whisperer), PDC Inc. Vice Chairman and Chairman Angela and John Lemon, PDC Inc. Patron and MC Simon Reeve

By partnering with PDC Inc. we can help to raise much needed funds for this magnificent charity. We pledge to donate $2 from every sale we make and will donate items to the value of $500 at each and every charity auction fundraising event PDC Inc. they host throughout the year.

How you can help

Representing an evolutionary line that is unique to Africa, painted dogs are amongst this ravaged continents most endangered species. It is estimated that a mere 3,000 remain in the wild -many in small, non-viable, isolated populations. PDC Inc. provide support to projects in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

With a strong commitment to community development and conservation education, their methods are working. PDC Inc. rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organizations alike to continue their work. You can get involved by making a donation directly to them on their website or by attending one of their many events and fundraising events throughout the year.

Simon’s awe inspiring African adventure. PDC Inc. Patron, Simon Reeve, goes on a journey from Perth to Zambia with Painted Dog Conservation Inc, to learn about their work saving wildlife