Afr-Eco Reusable Bag


Afr-Eco Reusable Bag

– Have a bunch of these very stylish bags and say goodbye to single-use plastic bags! Folds into itself and has 1 zip pocket.

Handcrafted in West Africa by husband and wife team using 100% cotton.

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Afr-Eco Reusable Bag

Have a bunch of these very stylish Afr-Eco Reusable Bags and say goodbye to single-use plastic bags! hand-washable, these high-quality handcrafted shopping bags can be used hundreds of times and should be next to you at all times when you are out! If you use them for fresh produce shopping, in particular, you can save at least 3 single-use plastic bags per day!

The self storage pouch is sewn as part of the outside of the bag so no worries it won’t go missing.

When folded into the pouch and zipped closed there is an extra generous side pocket with a zip, big enough to accommodate your mobile phone, a purse, a pair of sunglasses and your keys. No need to carry a separate handbag or bag to go shopping.
Africa-Eco Original bags are made from breathable and machine-washable 100% cotton fabric
  • Ideal for trips to the grocery store or farmers market
  • Entire bag folds neatly into built-in pouch for convenient storage
  • 10 kilo carrying capacity
  • Made from durable and hand washable African print 100% cotton fabric
  • THE PERFECT WAY TO REDUCE WASTEFUL PLASTIC BAGS – you will feel confident knowing you are making an impact on the environment each time you go shopping with these premium reusable Afr-Eco bags.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Strong. Ultra-light. Bags have been tested to carry up to 10 kilos, yet only weigh 0.02 – 0.03 pounds.
  • CONVENIENT – Bags have a no-fuss, zipper when folded and have durable carry handles
  • FAIR-TRADE- from a family-owned and operated African business in West Africa
Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry