African Mallet and Gong


African Mallet and Gong –

Traditionally handcrafted in Burkina Faso.

Spirit figure on a metal gong with a wooden striker with chameleons.

Used for ceremonies.


Bell (H) cm (W) cm (L) cm

Striker (H) cm (W) cm (L) cm



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African Mallet and Gong

This stunning piece forms part of our rare collectables

There are two distinct types of gong strikers in Burkina Faso, utilitarian strikers devoid of embellishment, and  intricately carved implements that display their maker’s deliberate aesthetic intentions. In these more elaborate works, the repertory of motifs joined to the handle includes female spirit figures.

Crafted in Burkina Faso.

The chameleons on the striker is abundantly represented in the art of Burkina Faso peoples (Bwa, Bobo, Lobi and Nuna). It is considered one of the original primordial creatures created by God. Chameleons are considered magical and powerful because of their ability to change color when aroused or frightened. Its deliberate manner of walking also makes it an animal to fear.

Used traditionally for ceremonies, gatherings or spiritual rituals.