Antique Tuareg Tent Peg


Antique Tuareg Tent Peg

– This stunning tent peg is handmade and skillfully carved.

Used to secure tents and canvas for the Tuareg Nomadic Tribes People.

Used Patina, signs of wear from its use in the Sahara Desert.


(H) 71.5cm (W) 13.5cm (D) 4cm


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Antique Tuareg Tent Peg

A nomadic people of the Sahara, the Tuareg do not create masks or figurines,

but rather specialize in art forms of leather work, metal casting and wood carving.

The Tuareg are semi-nomadic herders and traders living in

Northern Mali and across its borders in Niger, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya.

They are descended from Berbers of North Africa and speak a Berber language: Tamasheq.

Tuareg artisans are nomads of the Sahara desert who use old and simple tools,

using traditional tribal techniques and classic designs.

Also called “Touareg Tribe” or the “Blue people” as they wear beautiful indigo fabric’s.

Women inherit their mother’s jewelry, and when a woman marries,

her husband gives her gifts of bracelets, rings and necklaces.

The Tuaregs have been called the “blue people” for the indigo dye

coloured clothes they traditionally wear and which stains their skin.

A semi-nomadic Muslim people, they are believed to be descendants of the Berber natives of North Africa.

The Tuareg have been one of the ethnic groups that have been historically

influential in the spread of Islam and its legacy in North Africa and the adjacent Sahel region.

Tuareg society has traditionally featured clan membership,

social status and caste hierarchies within each political confederation.

The Tuareg have controlled several trans-Saharan trade routes

and have been an important party to the conflicts in the Saharan region during the colonial and post-colonial era.