Ashanti African Maternity Figure


Ashanti African Maternity Figure

– A very large finely carved Ashanti maternity figure

adorned with genuine African glass beads.


68 cm Height, 20 cm Width and 29 cm Depth

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Ashanti African Maternity Figure

A very large fine Ashanti maternity figure.

The mother figure is seated on a simple backless Ghanaian Stool or ‘Asesedwa’

An infant sits on her lap whilst being offered to drink from her breast.

Her broad face carved in typical Bonsu fashion,

with features that are both elegant and sensuous,

complete with finely coiffed hair.

She is naked save for a series of rings around

her neck and genuine African glass beads.

An applied white encrusted patina covers the surface.


Tribal Village aims to keep the ancient arts and crafts of Africa alive by

bringing them to the modern world, promoting them as important elements of modern interior decor

and supporting the artisans that created them.