Baule Ebony Fertility Statues
tribal village

Baule Ebony Fertility Statues

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Baule Ebony Fertility Statues

– Sold as a pair these statues are placed facing each other in a

doorway so that as you pass and touch them they are said to create a pregnancy.

Large, rare solid items


Male (H) 95cm (W) 18cm (D) 28cm

Female (H) 83cm (W) 13cm (D) 19cm

in stock

Baule Female Fertility Statues

These statues are placed in a doorway facing each other.

When a woman walks through and touches them it is said she’ll become pregnant.


These genuine statues are stunning and will make a true statement piece in any decor.


Around 1 million Baule occupy a part of the eastern Cote d’Ivoire that is both forest and savanna land.

The Baule is one of the rare tribes where the sculpture is produced for aesthetic appreciation as well as for ritualistic purposes.

Baule Wooden sculptures allow closer contact with the supernatural world of ancestors.

The ancestral statues, male and female, have a strongly marked, traditional style.

The face is delicate, forehead high, mouth finally cut.

The tribal hairdo is highly stylized, corresponding to the hairdo still used by Baule today.

Scarification marks are done in relief.



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