Baule Symbolic Spirit Door


Baule Symbolic Spirit Door

– Baule doors share the careful execution characteristic of other Baule sculpture.

Stunning hand-carved door with high relief.


Height 61.5 cm

Width 30 cm

Depth 9 cm


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Baule Symbolic Spirit Door

The Baule people believe that in addition to the world of the living,

there is a spirit world that runs parallel.

Baule carving traditions embrace embellished functional objects,

mask forms that enhance performances and sculptures that facilitate

relations with the spirit world. Wooden doors known as anuan, adorned

with human, animal, and vegetal motifs are produced by Baule

carvers to embellish entrances to public and private spaces such as courtyards

and rest houses. The carvers used the rectangular surface of the doors as canvases

to elaborate in low or high relief scenes that are either purely decorative,

or that allude to proverbs and myths.