Bendir Storytelling Drum


Bendir Storytelling Drum

– This percussion instrument is handmade in Morocco.

No two are alike.

This Berber drum handcrafted out of wood and

finished in goatskin is then hand-painted using Henna.


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Bendir Storytelling Drum

The bendir (Arabicبندير‎, plural banadirبنادير) is a wooden-framed frame drum of North Africa.

The bendir is a traditional instrument that is played throughout North Africa,

as well as in Sufi ceremonies; it was played, too, in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

In Turkish, the word bendir means “a big hand frame drum”.


Bendir Storytelling Drum, as a frame drum, is the oldest and most common kind of drum,

What’s more, it is used until today during the special mystagogic

ceremonies of the Sufi, where the use of music, rhythm, and dance

are essential elements to reach particular states of consciousness.

The Bendir Storytelling Drum can be played to accompany ancient and modern instruments,

providing depth in the sound of a music band. It can also be used independently,

to provide a mystic sound background to special events and moments.

It can be played using one or two hands, and it is held vertically in front of the music player.


Traditional Moroccan Berber music can be categorised into collective and professional music.

Dancers (back) and musicians (front) from Ouarzazate performing ahwash during the National Folklore Festival in Marrakesh (1970)

In collective music, men and women from entire families or villages participate in dances such as the ahwash and ahidus.

A prayer is chanted at the beginning, followed by a response from a chorus of dancers. Accompanied by drums (bendir) and flutes (ney), dancers dance in a ring around the musicians.


This stunning Bendir Storytelling Drum is double-sided and around 1 inch thick.

When not in use can be hung on the wall or sat on the shelf for a stunning

decorative piece of art.