Bolga Basket Extra Large Round

$79.00 inc. GST

Bolga Basket Extra Large Round

– Very handy overall basket great for use

as a market, storage, gift hamper or craft basket.

This is a one off basket sold individually.

Your basket comes with a care tag so you

know how to look after your valuable purchase.

This basket measures approximately

40cm to 50cm

(with slight variations due to their handmade nature)

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Bolga Basket Extra Large Round

This Bolga Basket Extra Large Round is a very handy

overall basket therefore great

 to use as a market, storage, gift hamper or craft basket.

Your Bolga basket comes in stunning colours

with a beautiful pattern.

The skilled weavers of Bolga baskets work extremely hard

for this reason, we value each and every basket and

the individual that crafted it.

We understand the difficult way of life and the

need to continue the circle of trade

Therefore we offer our baskets at the best possible price

so as to ensure continuity of business with our weavers

The Gurunsi Tribe of Bolgatanga Ghana handcraft our Baskets

Learn more about the journey of a Bolga Basket here

learn more about the rich history and life in Bolgatanga

We welcome wholesale customers from across Australia

with no minimum purchase

therefore removing all the roadblocks

to the success of your business and ours



that’s right, we don’t offer accounts because we

offer the next best thing and

try to make it even easier than ever before

thereby giving you, the retailer 2 months of interest

free purchasing power therefore making it

so you can have the stock you need

we offer a huge range of Bolga baskets in

all shapes, colours and sizes

If we don’t have what your looking for online

we will have it in-store

we have so many Bolga baskets it’s

impossible to upload each and every one

we welcome video calls to help you make a personal choice

because we know choosing is the hardest part

therefore you can view and choose from the showroom floor

we have an amazing array of colours

and beautiful patterns to choose from

Australia’s Home of Hand-Woven Bolga Baskets

Baskets measure approximately 40 cm to 50cm

(with slight variations due to their handmade nature)

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