Bolga Basket Pot Large

$85.00 inc. GST

Bolga Basket Pot Large

– Bulb-Shaped Bolga Basket.

Wider open-top with a leather handle,

large enough opening allowing for ease of access to the inside.


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Bolga Basket Pot Large

The skilled weavers of Bolga baskets work extremely hard, for this reason

we value each and every basket and the individual that crafted it

We understand the difficult way of life and the need to continue the circle of trade

Therefore we offer our baskets at the best possible price to ensure continuity of business with our weavers


The Pot basket is ideal for storage purposes in a family room, bedroom, bathroom or play area for the children

They make beautiful baskets for pot plants as the handle moves easily off to one side


The Gurunsi Tribe of Bolgatanga Ghana handcraft our Baskets.

Learn more about the journey of a Bolga Basket here.





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