Bolga Basket U Shopper – Bulk Orders 10

$790.00 inc. GST

Bolga Basket U Shopper – Bulk Orders 10

– Bulk mixed bag, suitable for market stall holders, bulk buys, retailers or decorators.

All baskets come flat packed, this makes for cost-effective shipping

A set of 10 ‘Basket Care’ swing tags will be included in your package with instructions on how to shape your basket

Baskets measure approximately

(L) 35 to 40 cm (W) 25 to 30 cm (H) 25 to 30 cm

(excluding handles)

(with slight variations due to their handmade nature)

In stock


Bolga Basket U Shopper – Bulk Orders 10

Ideal size for every day, the U shopper basket is perfect for storing toys,

gathering treasures from the garden, collecting herbs & eggs, storing

art supplies or as a shopping basket for your weekly fruit

and vegetable run to the local farmers market.

The handles are wrapped in durable leather, making them comfortable to carry.

The high quality of craftsmanship makes them a once in a lifetime

purchase if you can resist buying more than just one! They are a sustainable,

environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and even cheap

cotton shopping bags but also make for great storage.

The baskets come in bright colours and woven

patterns or natural, all with leather handles.

They will arrive flat packed and come with a

set of 10 care guides to help you shape your baskets



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