Cushion Cover Children’s Range

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Cushion Cover Children’s Range

– Our hand-painted textiles are made with love

by local artisans in the bush in Zambia,

from 100% cotton fabric sourced in Africa.

Dimensions 46cm x 46cm

(comes unfilled)

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Cushion Cover Children’s Range

This cushion cover is decorated with friendly and fun designs of Zambian animals,

perfect for your children’s bedroom!

This giraffe textile is hand-painted in a cheerful and bright colourway!

Our range of hand-painted textiles are made with love by local artisans in the bush in Zambia,

from 100% cotton fabric sourced in Africa.

Our cushion covers are backed with a plain 100% cotton fabric and have a vent opening.

This African cushion cover is machine or hand washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

Inspired By Africa

Our hand-painted textiles blend traditional Batik techniques with contemporary composition and bold colors.

From the animals that roam the land we live into the iconic motifs of Africa’s vibrant heritage,

our textiles draw inspiration from the culture and wildlife that surround us.

Locally Sourced Raw Materials

Crafted using 100% GMO-free, natural cotton fabric grown, spun, and woven in Zimbabwe.

As much as we would love to work with organic cotton,

we have so far not been able to find an organic cotton farm in southern

Africa that can provide us with fabric in large enough quantities.

Until then, we prefer to support our neighboring country rather than

increasing our carbon footprint by sourcing organic cotton from a distant part of the world.

Each of our designs is hand-drawn and painted using a vibrant palette of hand-mixed colors.

All our paints come from South Africa.

They are water-based, non-hazardous, and non-toxic, making them safe for people and the environment.

Zero-Waste Production

Living in a remote region of Zambia with no efficient waste management system in place,

a zero-waste approach is positive throughout the production process.

Any leftover paint from a design project is mixed together to produce black paint.

All fabric scraps are used to create a variety of small accessories.

The starch used in the design process is made with flour and water.

When scraped off, it is collected, dried in the sun, and given to another brilliant local initiative, 

to add color to the paper they produce.

In turn, their paper is used to make lovely greeting cards. 

You are buying this exact design and colour.



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