Djembe Drum Wooden Keyring


Djembe Drum Wooden Keyring

–  these funky colorful fabric little Djembe keyring

make a great gift for the drumming or musical enthusiast.

Handcrafted in Ghana.


Djembe Drum Wooden Keyring

The arts and crafts of West Africa are above all vast

Artisans are famous for their woodcarvings in Ghana

Therefore for that reason we thoroughly

explore all over African and bring back to Australia

a carefully curated collection of our findings

All chosen for their skill, craft and historical context

We buy from lovely artisans that work hard

and long hours crafting away

to provide for themselves and their families

in vast contrast to our way of life

craftsmen of smaller items such as these

are using only this item to support themselves

Kente cloth is used to decorate the djembe

Above all, Kente is a traditional, multi-colored, hand-woven,

quilted cloth. It’s also a sort of silk and cotton texture

made of interlaced cloth strips. The cloth is central to

the Ghanaian culture and it is also traditionally used

worn as a wrap-around both men and women with

slightly different variations for both of them.

This fabric is almost worn by every Ghanaian tribe member

most noteworthy are the hidden meanings in the colors of the fabric

Colors And Meaning

There are different color variations for the kente

each color has different meanings. Here are some examples:

Black: maturation

White: purification

Yellow: preciousness

Blue: peacefulness

Red: bloodshed

First of all, Ghana is famous for creating the most famous in bona fide

African expressions and makes, these range from wood

carvings brass works, figures, gems and different types of materials.

furthermore, Ghana still holds up notoriety as a nation with almost endless

saves of minerals, such as gold, diamond, silver, bronze, etc.

Ghana provides plenty of assists for craftsmen so they can create and

design jewelry, whether it be contemporary or traditional

above all, so the ancient arts and crafts of Africa remain alive today

finally, we are sure you are going to adore these little keyrings

even more, you will most likely need more than one

because they are above all entirely just too cute

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