Dogon Ritual Circumcision Mask


Dogon Ritual Circumcision Mask

– Absolutely superb solid hand-carved mask by the Dogon people of Mali.

This mask comes with a custom made solid steel stand on a solid square base.

Dimensions (H) 78cm (W) 20cm (D) 18cm

base of stand to top of mask 1.6cm

Contact us for freight cost as this is a very heavy item and not covered by our free freight option.

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Dogon Ritual Circumcision Mask

The Dogon people of Mali use a tremendous variety of masks, most of which center around funeral rites.

Traditionally, the Awa Society controlled the use of masks.

This mask would have been used in the adult initiation ritual for boys between the ages of 9 and 12, at their circumcision.

During the ritual, members of the Awa Society wear masks such as this one, representing important ancestors.

The Dogon are famous for their strange and often very beautiful masks.

Many of them are devoted to animals.

They wear them to dance and imitate the behavior of the character depicted on the masks.

The Dogon are mainly found in eastern Mali in the Bandiagara region.

However, some isolated Dogon villages are located in Burkina Faso,

along the Malian border near Djibo.

Dogon Burkina country extends across this border zone.

The masks can be worn during the Dama dancing ceremonies.

The Dogon believe that the Dama dance creates a bridge into the supernatural world.

Without the Dama dance, the dead cannot cross over into peace.