Ebony Wood Carved Lion


Ebony Wood Carved Lion

– Intricately hand-carved from one very solid piece of wood in

Ghana, West Africa. Truly stunning collector’s piece with an exquisite 2 tone woodgrain.

Dimensions (L) 49cm (H) 21cm and (W) 15cm

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Ebony Wood Carved Lion

This stunning African animal is entirely handcrafted from one piece of wood using ebony wood from West Africa.

Would look superb as an ornamental piece serving to create an interesting talking point.

It Will suit any modern or traditional decor.

Support the dying arts and crafts of Africa and help us keep the ancient

skills of the birthplace of humanity, Africa alive and well so that

future generations can enjoy.

As this is a handcrafted item there are signs of human endeavor present in the statue which is imperfectly perfect.