Genuine Zebra Skin Rug

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Genuine Zebra Skin Rug

– Adding a Burchell’s Zebra skin to your room’s decor will always make an exotic statement.

Suits African, Global Nomad, Traditional, Tribal & Manhattan Decor Styles.


Length from nose to tail – TBA

Width from leg to leg – TBA

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Genuine Zebra Skin Rug

Feature this stunning hide on a wall among’st safari accessories,

on the floor in a traditional room that evokes a spirit of global adventures,

or as upholstery on a large ottoman in a Manhattan decor that is sleek and sophisticated.

A zebra skin is a beautiful addition when paired with the right items in a well-balanced way.

A skin looks best when mixed with simple dark brown timbers and leather and preferably

not with a variety of patterned fabrics, as they tend to take the scheme

from luxurious and elegant to chaotic and excessive.


This stunning Zebra skin is selected from the Burchell Zebra.

It is not an endangered species, nor is it illegal to sell or own anywhere in the world.

The culling of Burchell’s Zebras is regulated by the South African government,

which also regulates the legal export of the skins.

You can feel confident that your purchase is a legal, quality Burchell’s Zebra skin.


Zebra skin grading is dependent on the number of flaws or imperfections in the skin.

The African Zebra run in herds on the plains of Africa where many predators

often survive only by tracking and consuming these wild zebras,

many of these zebras only survive by out running or barely escaping

these predators: as a result many of these zebras end up with scars or

scaring from close calls with lions, cheetahs and many others not to mention thorns ,

cacti and a host of other things that stick , cut and create blemishes on their Hides ,

A grade Zebra skins – Top quality no scaring

B grade Zebra skins – Good quality skin with slight scaring

C Grade Zebra skins – A full hide with scaring

This skin is considered B Grade

Since zebra skins are like a fingerprint no two skins are identical.

You are buying this exact skin.


Do not dry clean, simply spot clean with a damp cloth and a

small amount of mild soap when necessary.

Clean spills promptly.


African, Global Nomad, Traditional, Tribal & Manhattan Decor Styles.


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