Gye Nyame Coaster Set 5


Gye Nyame Coaster Set 5

– Stunning inlaid 2 tone wooden coasters with colorful African fabric backing

Gye Nyame is one of the most popular traditional Adinkra symbols of the Akan people of West Africa, Ghana. Nyame is the word for God in their language, and the phrase Gye Nyame means except with God.

Dimensions 9cm x 9cm


Gye Nyame Coaster Set 5

The inspiration behind the visualization is unclear. Some say it represents a spiral galaxy, while others say it signifies two hands, with the knobs coming off the center being representative of knuckles on a fist, signifying power. The curves at either end of the symbol are believed to be an abstract representation of life itself. There is also the view that the symbol is a simplistic representation of male and female identification.

The meaning of the symbol, except for God, has caused some debate. It’s likely that the symbol recognizes the supremacy of God over all things. The Gye Nyame serves as a reminder that God is always present and will help you through any struggles you are facing.

gye nyame symbol

However, the exact meaning of the phrase except for God is debated. Some say that it represents people should fear nothing except God. Others say it is a reminder that except for God, no one has seen the beginning of all creations, and no one will see the end. Other meanings of Gye Nyame include indicating that God must intervene in situations that are beyond the ability of humans.

Gye Nyame has become one of the main symbols of Adinkra as it represents a key component of the faith, which is that God is involved in every aspect of human life. This symbol, along with other Adinkra symbols, is used in in a variety of ways, such as as an emblem on textiles, artwork, decorative items, and jewelry. The symbol is part of the logo for the University of Cape Coast and the Catholic University College.

Gye Nyame not only serves as a visual reminder of God’s presence, but is also believed to bring peace and control to people. For these reasons, and the deep connection to African traditions and culture, the Gye Nyame continues to be a highly respected and frequently used symbol.

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