Hausa Flat Grass Mat


Hausa Flat Grass Mat.

– Stunning multi use woven flat plate basket suitable for a

variety of uses in the home.

Placemat, Trivet or amazing Wall Decor.

Approx Dimensions (D) 30-40cm (H) .5-1cm

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Hausa Flat Grass Mat

This is a beautiful handwoven African flat plate basket made by the Hausa Women of Northern Nigeria.

Each basket has been individually hand-woven in Maidguri, West Africa by the Hausa women.

The Hausa collect various grasses, which they harvest every summer and weave into these flat plates.

The top is smooth and the underside is rougher and unfinished in appearance.

The baskets are given as wedding gifts to save and store grain and they even double as decoration when not being used.

Each basket varies in size and design displaying the desires of the individual craftsmen, making each piece unique.

The handcrafted nature of this product will produce slight variations in form and sizing.