Hamsa 7-piece Condiment tray


Hamsa 7-piece Condiment tray

– Custom Moroccan Hand-Painted Ceramic Hamsa Hand of Fatima

serving dishes for celebrations, parties, and events.


(W) 27cm (L) 28cm (H) 3.5cm


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Hamsa 7-piece Condiment tray

Our hand-painted hamsa serving set and appetizer plates are great for any occasion.

This set contains 7 different serving plates that can be used for any occasion.

Use them as seasoning storage, dipping sauce bowls, bar fruit caddy, coffee condiment holders,

garnish tray, ice cream topping dispenser, spice tray, food platter, cookie stand, and more!

Our custom hand-painted plates will look great in any room and table.

This 7 piece serving platter set is the perfect tool for any home or living space.

You can use these serving trays for condiments on regular days then use the whole set for parties and other special occasions.

The convenient size, arrangement, and design of our ceramic plates allow you to hold and serve sauces, dips, appetizers, and more

Each of the small dishes can be placed on top of the big plater to create a palm-shaped design.

The dish plates set is ideal for serving small hand foods when having people over for a party or get together.

The food can be arranged into a unique palm design that will bring decoration and flair to any event.