Kuba Cloth 2.97m x 60cm

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Genuine African handwoven Kuba cloth from The Congo

Graphically distinctive and richly evocative of central Africa, Kuba cloth is handwoven using the strands from raffia palm leaves. The raffia strands are dyed in a variety of earth tones using vegetable dyes.

There are two main types of Kuba cloth: cut pile cloths and flat woven cloths with no pile with either embroidery or applique.

Kuba cloths display a variety of interesting features including patchwork, embroidery, applique and embellishments.

Historically, the Kuba people have used their cloths as skirts, wrappers, sleeping mats and even currency. For textile enthusiasts, Kuba cloths make wonderful wall hangings and soft furnishing.

Handwoven Kuba raffia cloth from The Congo. This is a flat weave Kuba cloth featuring patchwork and appliqué.

Extremely long: could be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Each cloth is a unique creation. Signs of human endeavor are ever present in these stunning handcrafted textiles.


length – 2.97 m

width – 60cm

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