Maasai Turkana Milk Gourd


Maasai Turkana Milk Gourd

– An extra long and beautifully shaped milk container from

the Maasai people in East Africa.

It is made from a gourd and has leather straps

decorated with beads and a button.

Dimensions (L) cm (W)

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Maasai Turkana Milk Gourd

One of kind hand carved gourd from the calabash tree which make beautiful table accessories. Traditionally made by the Maasai people to store milk, honey and beer. Maasai warriors often mixed milk and cows blood as it is believed to provide strength and nutrition for hunting or fighting. Some gourds will have metal patching or stitching to restore their functionality as they are passed down from generation to generation. Completely unique with it’s own embellishment of leather, beads and metals.

Nature Picture Library Maasai woman collecting blood from venous puncture  on neck of cow. Traditionally blood is used to add protein to the diet,  especially of the sick. Maasai Mara National Reserve,