Mashrabiya Painted Serving Trays


Mashrabiya Painted Serving Trays

– Sold as a set of 3.

Handcrafted and painstakingly hand painted in the Imperial city of

Marrakesh using ancient skills handed down through time.

Dimensions (S) 36 cm x 21 cm (M) 42 cm x 28 cm (L) 47 cm x 30.5 cm


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Mashrabiya Painted Serving Trays

Stunning set of trays crafted my Moroccans using skills that are passed down.

Would make a wonderful addition to any Global, modern or Boho decor.

The term Mashrabiya means

mashrabiya (Arabicمشربية‎), also either shanshūl (شنشول) or rūshān (روشان), is an architectural element which is characteristic of Arabic residences.

It is a type of projecting oriel window enclosed with carved wood latticework located on the second story of a building or higher, often lined with stained glass.

The mashrabiya is an element of traditional Arabic architecture used since the Middle Ages up to the mid-20th century.

It is most commonly used on the street side of the building; however, it may also be used internally on the sahn (courtyard) side.

The style may be informally known as a “harem window” in English.

We are devoted to keeping the arts of Africa alive

By sourcing from African artisans we promote their skills

to the world.

We show an alternative to machine made or production line home wares for use

in our modern decor and invoke a sense of history into our way of life.