Moroccan Afro Moresque Bowl


Moroccan Afro Moresque Bowl

– This stunning Moroccan bowl is a true statement homewares/decorative item.

This one of a kind piece is a true collector’s item for the discerning buyer.


30 cm Diameter

14 cm Height

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Moroccan Afro Moresque Bowl

This exclusively beautiful and ever so elegant handcrafted and glazed

ceramic bowl from Morocco features a fine hand-painted Afro-Moresque pattern.

Hand-painted & made by some of the finest ceramic artisans in Fez, Morocco.

You are buying an heirloom, a product that will add character to any traditional or modern decor.

This is a completely unique item that bears the telltale signs of human endeavor.

Collected on our travels through Morocco.

What does Moresque mean?

Moresque is an obsolete alternative term to “Moorish” in English,

and in the arts has some specific meanings.

By itself, the word is used to describe the stylized plant-based forms

of tendrils and leaves found in ornament and decoration in the applied arts in Renaissance

Europe that is derived from the arabesque patterns of Islamic ornament.

Like their Islamic ancestors, they differ from the typical European plant scroll in

being many-branched and spreading rather than forming a line in one direction.

The use of half-leaves with their longest side running along the stem is typical for both.

Understanding the use of patterns and marking gives you a higher appreciation of

this beautifully made Moroccan Afro Moresque Bowl.

Color palettes

Morocco is known for its vivid and colorful design.

However, the diversity of colors that are included in the design all holds different connotations.

Color Color Range Symbolism Usage
Blue Greenish Turquoise, Fresh Fez Blue, Electric Majorelle Blue, Dark, and Light Indigos Sky, Heaven, Water, Planet Mercury. Muslims believed the color could protect them from evil’s eyes, also believe that it can enhance one medical and cosmetic condition. Tiling, Floor, Textiles, Door and window frames, Garden furniture
White White, Ivory, Beige Cleanness, Good luck, Beauty, Femininity. Based on Muslim belief these colors connote moral qualities. Commonly found in textiles using different materials. As a complement to other Moroccan patterns that use darker colors.
Red Salmon, Rosy Pink, Fuchsia, Apple Red, Brick Red, Carmine, Violet, Bordeaux Female, Sexuality, Fertility, Childbirth which relates to a happy marriage. Some said it also represents the planet Mars. Walls, Roof tiles, Carpets, Pottery
Black Black, Soft Black, Smoke, Brown Though the scheme is popularly used, however, it holds a negative connotation. Believe that these colors are likely to bring bad luck and grief. Mosaic, Carpets, Textiles. However, it is used frequently in various items since it is a base color in their design.
Green Bottle Green, Blue Green, Grass Green The color relates to the Muslim interpretation of heaven presumably because it is in between the reddish hell and the blue heaven based on their belief. Pottery, Tiling, Ceiling Painting, Furniture
Yellow Gold, Lemon Yellow, Dark Yellow, Orange Yellow, Orange Gold, Wealth, Sun. Believed that these colors would protect them from evil. Textiles and embroidery, Tiling, Painted decoration on furniture, Leather products, Carpets

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Dimensions 37 cm