Moroccan Berber Woven Platter


Moroccan Berber Woven Platter

– Crafted in Morocco, by the Berber Tribes people.

Traditionally handmade using reeds that are tightly woven into a platter

This item is handmade, there may be imperfections that are not considered defects, Instead deemed as part of this item’s beauty and character.

Measurements (D) cm (H) cm TBA

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Moroccan Berber Woven Platter

Our selection of Handwoven Berber bread Platters are without any doubt a piece of art.

Each containing within them a carefully woven story.

Our Berber Platters have been hunted and collected from all over morocco.

We are big fans of these brightly woven works of art and have a special fondness for the intricate vintage ones, these beauties look incredible wall hung, both singularly or clustered.

Also making a great statement coffee table piece.

Each platter is unique in the design weave, and colour combination.

Woven with palm fibres and bright Woollen threads, sometimes showing marks of wear and variations in colour due to a vintage nature.

This handmade Moroccan Berber Woven Platter, showcases the whimsy of Moroccan life.

A wonderfully versatile item, to be used to serve a gorgeous meal, or as a table centrepiece, or wall hanging in a gallery style.