Moroccan Fassi Ceramic Urn

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Moroccan Fassi Ceramic Urn

– This stunning piece of Moroccan craft is a true statement home-wares item.

Highly collectable item which would look stunning on display with one of our black display stands.

Dimensions 58.5 cm Height (from base to top of lid)

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Moroccan Fassi Ceramic Urn

This stunning piece of Moroccan craft is a true statement homewares item.

Standing grandly, this one of a kind piece is a true collectors item for the discerning buyer.

The unique pattern and style bear historical significance true to the North African culture of Morocco.

You are buying an heirloom, a product that will add character to any traditional or modern decor.

This is a completely unique item that bears the telltale signs of human endeavor.

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The ancient city of Fez offers uniquely designed and colored Moroccan ceramics

with Islamic influence in intricate patterns, colors, design, and production.

For over six centuries Fez created the finest Moroccan pottery.

Its beauty comes from the complex knowledge of geometry passed on from father to son.

Due to the variation in the glazing process, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Fez is renowned for the choice of cobalt oxide that gives the pottery its distinctive shade of blue.

Some Fez and Meknes potters moved to Safi in the 18th century to take advantage of its rich clay deposits.

This highly decorative ceramic style was greatly influenced by the Moorish Andalusian

period when the moors and the Jewish fled the Reconquista in 1492 and settled in Fez.

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Tribal Village is committed to keeping the ancient arts and crafts of Africa alive

by showcasing and promoting them to the world.

We bring you genuine items that are perfectly imperfect and exhibit all the telltale signs of human endeavor.

All our items are handcrafted, each and every one of them individual, you will not find another exactly the same.

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Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 58.5 cm