Moroccan Handcut Lantern 1.2m

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Moroccan Handcut Lantern 1.2m

– For a grand statement in any setting.

This lantern would be perfect with a large grouping of candles inside or hard-wired.

Great for use at functions or weddings and looks wonderful grouped with more than one in different sizes.

Dimensions (H) 1.2 m (W) 48 cm


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Moroccan Handcut Lantern 1.2m

Makes for a beautiful garden lantern, around the pool, in any decor

or on the alfresco to create mood and ambiance.

Handmade by craftsmen of Morocco and made of malleable cast iron.

This lantern has a door opening to one side to allow ease of access.

It can be illuminated with candles inside or hard-wired with a switch.

Genuine item bought al the way back from Marrakech, Morocco.

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