Moroccan Leather Kilim Backpack

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Moroccan Leather Kilim Backpack

– Luxuriously handcrafted in Morocco from some

of the worlds finest rug and leather craftspeople.

Dimensions approx 34cm to 36cm (H), 22cm to 27cm (W) 15cm (D)

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Moroccan Leather Kilim Backpack

With a unisex Bohemian style from a marriage between women’s work (kilim carpets) and men’s work (cowhide), this is a stunning rucksack with a colorful Berber hand-woven design that bears a very important cultural Moroccan history.

Has many pockets with long adjustable shoulder straps on the back.

Environmentally friendly and 100% natural leather

Kilims are traditional Berber carpets woven by traditional handmade woolen women that are dyed with natural dyes. They reflect the harmony of nature and the evolution of culture that is transmitted from generation to generation. Each kilim is a unique piece of art from the imagination, creativity and feelings of the weaver.

How to care for your backpack
Occasionally use leather cream or gel to keep moisturized. 
Please note that as a unique handmade product, there may be minor imperfections that are not defects, but are a result of the traditional methods used.


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