Moroccan Leather/Kilim Ottoman – Tan


Moroccan Leather/Kilim Ottoman – Tan

– Our signature Tribal Village custom made Ottomans

are handcrafted using antique Kilim rugs and

the most luxurious Moroccan leather.


height – 60cm high

width – 60cm wide

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Moroccan Leather/Kilim Ottoman – Tan

– Since these Ottomans are tanned, handmade and hand-stitched

using traditional Moroccan methods they may have slight

variations in colours or patterns which add to the overall beauty

The ottoman has a zip-up fastening underneath and comes un-stuffed.

Can be filled with a range of suitable fillings like, cotton fiber,

flame retardant wool, shredded foam, foam chips, coir and also textile scraps, etc

These luxurious Ottomans will add style, elegance, texture, and

color to any interior decor modern or traditional.

They’re great for use as a footstool, seating, a table,

cozy up by a log fire in a country cottage,

or for Indian summers and outdoor dining.

You can also place then in a group around the pool for

luxury poolside gatherings.

Moroccan rugs are famous the world over.

The designs that most frequently appear in

Moroccan rugs are traditional and ancient,

passed down from weaver to weaver.

Morocco leather also known as Levant,

the French Maroquin, or German Saffian from Safi,

a Moroccan town famous for leather) is a soft,

pliable form of leather widely used for gloves and

the uppers of ladies’ shoes and men’s low cut shoes,

but traditionally associated with bookbindings,

wallets, linings for fine luggage, and the like.

This stunning Moroccan Leather/Kilim Ottoman – Tan

has a stunning colour palette of red, orange,

khaki, white and pink scattered throughout.

The quality is incredible and the style is amazing.

This item emits the telltale signs of human endeavour

which is impossible to create with a machine,

therefore it truly is a product that

will become an heirloom in years to come.