Moroccan Recycled Tyre Table


Moroccan Recycled Tyre Table

– Handcrafted in Marrakech with a timber frame

and uniquely finished using recycled tyres.

Dimensions (D) 62 cm and (H) 41.5 cm

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Moroccan Recycled Tyre Table

In this rushed 21st century there are not many of us who know

that in Morocco there still exists a medieval world of craftsmen

who are creating, with their hands, masterpieces of art.

Incorporating a synthesis of the Libyco-Berber, Mediterranean,

Middle Eastern, African and Andalusian artistic traditions,

these artisans have a long and honoured history.

Century after century whole families, handing down the trades

from father to sons, have kept Morocco’s artistic traditions alive.

The family’s know-how, always open to contributions from the outside world,

is constantly improved without deviating from tradition.

New ideas are assimilated, brewed, melted then re-created to become genuine Moroccan art.

These craftsmen who, in our time, compete with modern mechanical technology,

are able to survive and, in fact, prosper. Unbelievably,

these Moroccan skilled workmen, unlike their brethren in other parts of the world,

have fought against the machines of the modern age and have not lost the battle.

With skills inherited from their fathers, they produce, today,

some of the finest handmade products in the world.