Mudcloth/Italian Leather Cushion


Mudcloth/Italian Leather Cushion

– Stunning cushion crafted with a mixture of Mudcloth

and the softest high grade Italian leather.

Dimensions 56cm x 34cm

Polyester cushion insert included


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Mudcloth/Italian Leather Cushion

Genuine African Bambara (Bogolanfini/Mudcloth) are traditional fabrics

that are hand woven by the Bambara tribe of Mali.

The techniques of production date back thousands of years and

has been handed down from one generation to the other,

generally, the men weave the cloth, and women dye it with fermented mud.

Bogolanfini is basically a statement piece in whatever modern interior

decoration it’s introduced in from bed heads, cushions, pillows,

bed sheets, throws, scarves, furniture, and upholstery e.t.c.

Traditional Bogolanfini/Mudcloth are handwoven in panels and made one at a time.

No two pieces of mud cloth are exactly alike, but the exact patterns vary from one piece to the next.

They’re great for those that crave the modern traditional look for their homes.

African artisans hand-dye symbols into these fabrics in order to tell stories of their villages,

African proverbs and mythological powers.

Figure 1: Selected Bogolanfini motifs and their meanings

Mudcloth has a long tradition of being used by West African warriors

and hunters to camouflage themselves.

Cleaning Instructions

Mudcloth should be pre-washed if it is to be used in crafts or sewing to remove excess dirt and dye.

It will also become softer and smoother to the touch with washing.

It is always wise to test a swatch or small piece of any fabric to make sure the cleaning method and detergent is compatible with the fabric.

Mudcloth can be cleaned with good results by a dry cleaner, machine washing,

or by hand washing. Be aware some dry cleaners will not clean hand made fabrics.

If machine washing, place the fabric in a lingerie bag and wash in

cold water using the gentle cycle and mild laundry detergent.

The water will turn dark therefore at least initially the fabric should be washed by itself.

You may have to rinse the machine before laundering other clothing.

On initial cleaning by any method, there may be some fading.

Dry flat or hang dry.

Mudcloth can also be pressed using a steam iron with good results.