Nomadic Tuareg Leather Box


Nomadic Tuareg Leather Box

– The wooden frame of the box is covered with leather

inside and out and hand tooled with Tuareg designs.


(H) 6cm (L) 26cm (W) cm

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Nomadic Tuareg Leather Box

The Tuareg leather box is originally from Niger.

The Tuareg artists take pride in their work. Leather is one of their favorite mediums.

Crafted over wooden frames, the leather is tooled and dyed to create a functional work of art.

These boxes are made using wood and covered with leather.

The Tuareg leather boxes are distinguished by their elegant geometric shapes which all have meaning.

The leather is dyed with 100% natural mineral peppers.

These boxes can serve as:

Jewelry boxes, office boxes, cigar boxes, storage box for smaller items or make for

interesting talking/decorative pieces.