Sabra Silk Moroccan Cushion


Sabra Silk Moroccan Cushion

– Sabra cushions also known as Cactus Silk Cushions.

They are made from sustainable Saharan agave cacti’s.

Approximate Dimensions due to handmade nature

Dimensions 45cm x 45cm

polyester insert included

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Sabra Silk Moroccan Cushion

Handcrafted in Morocco.

These stunning cushions are created by painstakingly

pounding down agave cacti’s to separate the fibres that are then

hand woven into cushions.

Each cushion is hand-dyed using natural vegetable dyes.

Please note each cushion is unique and there can be colour & stitching variations.

With stunning patterns of distinctive Moroccan allure,

the Sabra collection offers an evocative feast for the senses,

providing texture and colour to any interior setting.

To create these cushion covers,

the leaves from the Saharan agave cactus are harvested, hammered

and then soaked to release the fibres. Next, these fibres are hand-spun

using traditional techniques to make cactus silk.

Vegetable dyes are utilised to create vibrant colours,

making this product 100% natural. The silk is then combined

with camel wool and handwoven on a loom to create cactus silk rugs.

These are then turned into beautiful cushion covers.


Care instructions: Dry Clean Only

Do not spot clean as the liquid will affect the colour the natural

vegetable dyes and may cause the colour to run or transfer to other materials.

We recommend a fabric spray protector to be used.

This is a delicate handmade item and should be treated accordingly.

Tribal Village strives to keep the arts and crafts of Africa alive

by working closely with our artisans and

promoting the stunning handcrafted products to the world.