Safi Moroccan Pottery Vase

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Safi Moroccan Pottery Vase

– Safi pottery is unrivaled with traditional beauty and originality.

Hand-painted with rich styles and striking colors.

Dimensions (H) 57.5 cm x (W) 30 cm at widest point

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Safi Moroccan Pottery Vase

Ranging from royal blues, deep reds, ocean greens and varying shades of yellow.

All Safi pottery is wheel thrown and beautifully hand-finished.

Moroccan Safi potters use ancient production methods to produce

handmade pieces combining a traditional look with a more contemporary design.

Modern items are often overlayed with plain or filigree metalwork giving stunning results.

Each plate is completely individual exhibiting signs of human endeavor, as a result, the patterns will always vary.

Safi Pottery

It’s interesting to

learn just how many steps and how much work goes into creating each piece of pottery.

Yes, they are ALL made individually and by hand.

From the extraction of the clay from the ground to preparing it,

molding it, drying it, shaping it, painting it, and firing it – all by hand.

Moroccan Potters in Safi Morocco

Moroccan red clay is quarried from the Safi region and much of it is processed,

thrown, and fired on Colline des Potiers. Most potters still use traditional wood firing kilns,

while some have updated to electric and gas kilns.

Typical Moroccan pottery includes plates, bowls, dishes, vases, and tagine.

A tagine is a unique, funnel-shaped pot used to cook traditional stews.

The designs used on Moroccan pottery are influenced by Berber and Islamic art,

which was previously influenced by Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine designs.

Each piece is painted by hand using modern multicolored designs as well as traditional patterns.

This genuine Safi Tribal Platter is a stunning piece of traditional Moroccan art.

Supporting the artisans of Africa and keeping the ancient arts and crafts of North Africa alive.

Perfect item for any modern or contemporary home decor.


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