Tuareg Gris Gris Tribal Jewellery


Berber Necklace, Gris Gris (talisman) of Bedouin Nomads

Tuareg Tcherot tribal jewelry

This Necklace comes from the Berber people of the Sahara, Morocco.

It was made as a protective amulet and lucky charm, filled with many positive wishes and prayers.

Beautifully etched with traditional tribal motifs

Worn as a protective talisman

The Tuaregs are nomadic people who live and travel inside the Sahara

Their jewellery is handcrafted using old traditional tools and methods

This large talisman made of Moroccan silver, brass and copper and would look equally amazing on the wall or in a cabinet

It is also very wearable if you love statement African jewellery

The design is geometrical and has a slightly protruding centre that gives it a unique 3d effect

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