Tuareg Silver Bone Cuff


Tuareg Silver Bone Cuff

– Crafted using silver and bone by the Berbers that inhabit the Sahara.

A fine example of Tribal African Jewellery.

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Tuareg Silver Bone Cuff

The engraving on this African tribal cuff was

handcrafted by a nomadic Tuareg artisan using bone and silver.

The linear designs etched into the silver represent important

creatures within the Tuareg social group – both animal and human.

The African Tuareg consist of widely dispersed

nomadic tribes are known for their great noble bearing.

They are said to refer to themselves as the “First People,”

claiming to have inhabited their region for eons, and well

before all others – a claim, incidentally, that history supports.

The Tuareg are undisputed masters of the desert,

skillfully venturing where others could not survive.

Men and women hold equal rank with Tuareg society.


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