Vintage Moroccan Silver Tray


Vintage Moroccan Silver Tray

– Genuine old Moroccan tray brass and silver.

Crafted using traditional method of Repousse and chasing.

Hand stamped with the makers mark.

Highly collectible item.


62 cm diameter

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Vintage Moroccan Silver Tray

This traditional mint tea serving tray is a unique style for serving guests and a

charming centre piece for styling on your table.

Handmade in Morocco by skillful artisans.

Crafted using a brass and silver plated.

Each tray is stamped in Arabic by the maker, thus exhibiting it’s authenticity.


Beautifully crafted using an ancient method known as Repoussé and chasing.

Repoussé (About this soundlisten) or repoussage (About this soundlisten) refer to a metalworking technique

in which a malleable metal is shaped by hammering

from the reverse side to create a design in low relief.

Chasingchased work, or embossing refer to a similar technique,

in which the piece is hammered on the front side, sinking the metal.

The two techniques are often used in conjunction.

Many metals can be used for chasing and repoussé work, including

goldsilvercopper, and alloys such as steelbronze, and pewter.

These techniques are very ancient and have been extensively used all over the world,

as they require only the simplest tools and materials,

and yet allow great diversity of expression.

They are also relatively economical, since there is no loss or waste of metal,

which mostly retains its original size and thickness.

Toolmarks are often intentionally left visible in the result.


Completely  handmade they have been cleaned and restored

without removing the attractive patination that only develops over time.

Each tray is a work of art and craft

and have been personally collected on our travels through North Africa.

There are time worn marks which are an inherent part of the beautiful character of these trays.

They are quite solid and create interesting visual appeal as stunning display pieces

as well as providing a wonderful piece to serve your guests from.

Team your stunning tray with some of out Moroccan teapots

and Beldi mint tea glasses for a truly authentic look.


Note: This is an authentic used and very old item.

There maybe some minor imperfections and dints,

these are not faults or product flaws and add character to the

age and look of this beautiful product.