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Our Cultural team works closely with Schools to deliver an amazing program that offers insight into the African culture, arts & crafts and way of life. In the program, every child will have the opportunity to create their very own African Djembe Drum. From start to finish each child is given a Djembe shell and all the equipment required to skin and tune a Djembe to completion ready to play. Our instructors encourage the children and guide them along the way, imparting the ancient knowledge of the craft. At the end of the program, our very own master drummer will teach the children how to play the djembe.

This has been a successful concept adopted by schools for years 6 up to 12, with some Schools offering the program as a rite of passage from Junior School to Upper School or upon their final year.

The children gain an immense sense of achievement, awareness confidence, and knowledge along the way.

Grants may be avialable for Schools to assist with funding the program.

If you are an educational facility and interested in obtaining costs and further information please contact us.

p. 0401 099 418 or e. info@tribalvillage.com.au


Our creative team love to style and create beautiful spaces. We can help you choose the perfect African objects for your space, whether it be a brand new house or commercial space for an interior refresh or style overhaul.

We regularly work on projects with builders, interior stylists and architects from the initial concept stage right thru to the installation of our products.

We love commercial spaces, whether it be a restaurant, hotel or office and delight in showing you how our products can assist with a transformation or installation.

1 hour site visit consulation $150, up to 2 hours $300

To book a consultation with our creative team or for more information please contact us p. 0401 099 418 or e. info@tribalvillage.com.au