Tribal Staph/Walking Stick

Tribal Staph/Walking Stick
tribal village
    • Ashanti Orator Staff (Okyeamepoma)

      Ashanti Orator Staff (Okyeamepoma)

      $1,495.00 inc. GST

      or 4 payments of $373.75 with Afterpay

      Ashanti Orator Staff (Okyeamepoma) – One of the most famous types of staffs found on the entire African continent are the Orators or Linguists staffs. This commanding lion ornament atop this staff is a symbol of Akan royal power. Dimensions Height Width  

    • Dogon Carved Walking Stick

      Dogon Carved Walking Stick

      $245.00 inc. GST

      or 4 payments of $61.25 with Afterpay

      Dogon Carved Walking Stick – This object features carvings that represent protective ancestral figures and animals with spiritual and religious significance. Approximate Dimensions Height 88 cm to 90 cm Width 10 cm (at widest point)  

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