Maasai White String beads

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Maasai White String beads –

Add a touch of raw earthiness and coastal luxe to your home’s styling with these Wonderful, slightly neutral, earthly-looking beads, finished with a cotton tassel.

Each garland is made of over 100 beads.

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Maasai White String beads

The Maasai tribe are naturally known for their traditional home-made bead work. Women here set to work on the art work almost every day. They can gather around whether outside or inside the huts and start beading over a topic of gossip. The jewellery includes the works of a simple colourful necklace, bracelets and pendants. It is customary for the women to know how to do beading. Even though the beading is handmade only by the Maasai women, men can also wear them. Most importantly the Maasai tribe have a deep belief in cattle and children. In their everyday prayer the two words CATTLE and CHILDREN are mentioned.

Significance of Maasai beading

The bead work on the women signifies her age, and social status. Generally individuals of high social standards will wear more colourful and intricate jewellery. Tourists visiting these unique places in Kenya or Northern Tanzania are bound to find this magnificent artwork. Unmarried Maasai girls would wear the large flat disc around there necks, which shows their grace and flexibility when dancing. Women who are getting married would wear a heavier disc, often it reaches her knees, making it difficult for her to walk around. Married women thus will wear Nborro, a long necklace covered in only the blue colour that goes down to her knees.

The Maasai women have been creating beads for a very long time.

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