Moroccan Ceramic & Silver Plate


Safi Moroccan Ceramic & Silver Plate

– Stunning burgundy and silver decorative plate.

It can be hung on the wall or used to store fruit.


41 cm Diameter

10 cm Height


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Safi Moroccan Ceramic/Silver Plate

Safi pottery is unrivaled with traditional beauty and originality.

Hand-painted with rich styles and striking tribal patterns.

All Safi pottery is wheel thrown and beautifully hand-finished.

Moroccan Safi potters use ancient production methods to produce

handmade pieces combining a traditional look with a more

contemporary design. Modern items are often overlayed

with plain or filigree metalwork giving stunning results.

Each plate is completely individual exhibiting signs of human

endeavor, as a result, the patterns will always vary.

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Safi is also a small town steeped in history and

authenticity whose ceramics have a reputation of their own.

Flowerpots and everyday objects like cups, bowls and plates

hand crafted by Safi’s potters are just stunning.

Indeed, this little town on the edge of the

Atlantic is one of Morocco’s ceramics capitals.

The city’s rich history and long tradition

of craftsmanship are impressive.

The city’s name as it is locally pronounced is “Asfi”, which

was Latinized as “Safi” and “Safim” under Portuguese rule.

“Asfi” means flood or river estuary in Berber and comes from

the Berber verbal root “ffey/sfi/sfey” which means to floodto spill or to pour.




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Dimensions 28 × 28 × 37 cm