Recycled “Natte” Hamper
tribal village

Recycled “Natte” Hamper

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Recycled “Natte” Hamper

–  The versatility of the “Natte” hamper is limited to your imagination,

they fold flat for easy storage and can be easily cleaned.

Approximate Dimensions (H) 65 cm (W) 40 cm (D) 38 cm

in stock

Recycled “Natte” Hamper

These colorful hampers are an initiative of a group of artisans in Ghana,

West Africa to create an income using plastic matting ordinarily

used for other everyday purposes in the West African lifestyle.

The “Natte” (mat in English) is ingrained in West African culture.

In the village, it is the centerpiece of one’s home—its vibrant plastic threads

radiate color onto the bare mud hut walls that surround it.

The “Natte” is a dining table for families to gather around and eat;

it is a bench for friends to sit and chat; it is a bed to sleep on; a salon

for women to gather and do each others’ hair; a cafe where men can sit

and drink tea; it is a gathering place for community meetings

and serves as seating for funerals, weddings, and everything in between.

Nattes are respected; one must always remove his or her shoes before stepping onto the “Natte”.

As the Natte slowly ages, young girls will take some of its loose plastic threads to create bracelets.

Only until the “Natte” is so torn and unraveled that it is completely unusable and is finally replaced.

The versatility of the “Natte” hamper is limited to your imagination,

they fold flat for easy storage and make excellent clothing hampers,

toy storage, camping storage, a place to hide odds and ends, or to store your crafts.

Weighing next to nothing makes them easy to carry and the fact they’re

plastic lends itself so well to being cleaned in soapy water if they get a little grubby.

The “Natte” adds a colorful splash of African decor to any room.

Casual yet elegant, it has practical functionality and contemporary style.




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