Safi Moroccan Bowls set 3

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Safi Moroccan Bowls set 3

Safi pottery is unrivaled with traditional beauty and originality.

Hand-painted with rich styles and striking colors

ranging from royal blues, deep reds,

ocean greens and varying shades of yellow.

Dimensions (Sml) 11 cm (M) 13 cm (L) 15 cm

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Safi Moroccan Bowls set 3

All Safi pottery is wheel thrown and beautifully hand-finished.

Moroccan Safi potters use ancient production methods to

produce handmade pieces combining a traditional look

with a more contemporary design. Modern items are often

overlayed with plain or filigree metalwork giving stunning results.

Each bowl is completely individual exhibiting signs of human

endeavor, as a result, the patterns will always vary.

Origin – Morocco, North Africa


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