Tribal Black White Mirror


Tribal Black White Mirror

– Hand-carved in Ghana, West Africa.

Crafted using one piece of wood.

A truly amazing statement piece that would sit perfectly in any décor.

Dimensions (H) 108 cm (W) 56 cm


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Tribal Black White Mirror

Wood carving in Ghana began in the forest areas.

This was partly due to the abundance of wood and also easy access to raw materials as well as the interest of the people in the profession.

Wood carving was practiced among the Akans of Ghana.

It was not practiced on a large scale but rather practiced by few carvers.

This limited number of carvers was regarded as the privilege minority because they were so skillful.

People also saw them as having been gifted with extraordinary talents from God.

The few wood carvers were accorded great respect in the community.

Akan wood carvers who were versatile in carving various forms of wood were called “Ohene Dwumfuor” literally translated as “The chief’s carpenter”.

Akan traditional carvers were greatly feared and admired for their creativity and ingenuity.

As it was in the past, and as the carving profession progressed over the years, especially among the Akans, it has remained an exclusive preserve for males only.

Males were seen to be gifted with special talents and hence were tasked to uphold the tradition.

Females were not allowed to carve wood because it involved hard work but rather were made to sell carved objects.

Today few women are wood carvers.