Baga Nimba Statue – male


Baga Nimba Statue – male

Originating among the Baga people living in Guinea

in the most western parts of the African continent

The Nimba was employed in rice harvest dance

ceremonies performed in order to procure the fertility of the fields


height – 1.22m

Depth – 34cm

width – 20cm

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Baga Nimba Statue – male

In their original context, a male figure like this is paired with a female figure and placed in a shrine to ensure
agricultural and human fertility

Both male and female figures are called d’mba, which refers to an ideal state of womanhood and motherhood among the Baga

The hairstyle and facial patterns are typical of the neighboring Fulbe women, who are considered
extremely beautiful throughout West Africa

D’mba may represent ideals of human behavior  and beauty that cross gender and ethnic

Although the D’mba masquerade is always female, male and female D’mba figures exist, suggesting that the ideal that
D’mba represents crossed gender lines