Set Placemats Tree Pods


Set Placemats Tree Pods

– Our hand-painted textiles are made with love by local artisans in the bush in Zambia,

from 100% cotton fabric sourced in Africa.

Dimensions (L) 50cm x (W) 35cm

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Set Placemats Tree Pods

Designed using a unique hand-painted technique,

 illustrating a natural pod design inspired by the beautiful Flamboyant trees of Africa,

hand-painted in a beautiful burgundy red colourway.

This table runner is hand-drawn and hand-painted.

It is brightly decorated with bold designs that will undoubtedly add colour to your tabletop.

From the animals that roam the land to the iconic motifs of Africa’s vibrant heritage,

these textiles draw inspiration from the culture and wildlife that is Africa.

While the design and technique are the same, each artisan has his own way

of starching and balancing colours, making each piece unique in its own special way.

  • Runners are painted only on one side, not both as shown in the image.
  • Made from 100% GMO-free cotton fabric sourced in Africa
  • Each piece can vary slightly due to its handcrafted nature
  • Care: hand wash cold or machine wash on gentle cycle, maximum 30 degrees Celsius.
  • No tumble-dry.
  • Iron inside out on low-temperature setting

Each of the designs is hand-drawn and painted using a vibrant palette of hand-mixed colors.

All paints come from South Africa.

They are water-based, non-hazardous, and non-toxic, making them safe for people and the environment.  

100% GMO-free, natural cotton fabric grown, spun, and woven in Zimbabwe.

Made by hand with respect for the environment and people using sustainable materials, and repurposing waste.

5% of each purchase is reinvested in local community and conservation initiatives.